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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 15, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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that is exclusive reindeer experience. this friday you can help care and feed the live reindeer. you can get a view. and with researchers. and you can make it snow. it is a bubble. this is a 50 dollar safe way gift card as well this is freadmission to the academy for that day. and you can visit the academy . and now for the 16th of january. and so congratulations. who are you going to take with you. >> my grandma. >> congratulations. >> i have to say all of the monitoring on facebook and wit
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twitter. aurora. we like the voice box. >> there you can see it. and we'll have a great time. thank you for with -- being with us. and congratulation and we are so incredibly proud. thank you.
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they shot at the door, blew open the window. >> state narcotic agents raid two east bay locations including this home in a pricey neighborhood. >> it is connected with a medical marijuana dispense rein newark. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. officers say they found weapons and cash inside that house. >> and also marijuana. the pot dispense rethat was raided dash cash sorry, there was a pot dispense rein a
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strip mall. that's where abc7's leslie brinkley is for us tonight. >> the crime scene tape is finally down, carolyn, after several hours of an afternoon and evening raid here by state agents and local police armed with guns and search warrants. in the end, officials confiscated an assault rifle, ammunition, a shotgun, 20 pounds of processed marijuana, $40,000 in cash, computers and a safe. at 2:20 wednesday afternoon, two s.w.a.t teams and armed agents with the bureau of narcotics enforcement stormed on to the cul-de-sac off old blackhawk road in dan -- danville and surrounded the house. they cow bettered in their homes as they watched for officers to come out with their hands in the air. >> and then they shot at the door and blew open the window and had one of the cameras go
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in. we saw that come out. then they reviewed the video of that and then they sent the dog in on a long leash and came back out. it looked like then eight went in and searched the house. we watched it from our window. >> a woman who drove up in a black suv was promptly handcuffed, taken inside and whisked away by police. it was in newark that simultaneously a second raid was underway at the happiness wellness center marijuana dispense rein this shopping center. according to the state attorney general's office, an investigation was launched into the dispense reat the request of newark city officials. they say it was operating criminally, claiming those who ran it were pocketing a six-figure income per month when it was supposed to be not for profit. >> it is completely a nonprofit. nobody is making that kind of money. the collective is providing medicine to its patients who are sick california residents with cancer.
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they are growing the medicine for them and providing it to them and being reimbursed with the cost and expenses all of this is pure harassment. >> they say it is for conspiracy along with possession and sales of marijuana. >> as you saw, one woman arrested and three men at large. abc7 news. >> thanks sech. -- thanks very much. they met to talk about two sexual assaults. both women were attacked in the mission. one was last thursday morning and the other last month. san francisco police released this surveillance video of the suspect walking in the mission district. it is not a great picture, but it cousin give them some idea who they are going after. he is a blackmail in his mid30s between 5 foot 9 and maybe up to six feet tall, medium build and wear is as you can see a black hoodie and dark pants. gun rights activists
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showed up with their unloaded weapons at sun valley mall in concord tonight. in two weeks open carry will be illegal in california when a new state law takes uh -- takes affect. now, what may be one of their final demonstrations. >> a dozen of the gun advocates came out to show support for the open carry law. on a corporate level, they do not allow guns in the restaurants. but this location decided to abide by the california law which for now the state said it is okay to carry those guns. >> he says he would carry his weapon every day if he could just like he is tonight with his fellow open carry supporters at bj's restaurant in concord. >> i am carrying a p226 and a 40 smith & wesson. that's a regular side arm. >> their gun toting ways will come to an end when displays
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like this are banned january 1st. so they have come to the mall to educate the public about what they believe is their second amendment right. >> we had an issue with two open carriers who came to this mall. and they were illegally searched and seized, and their weapons were ran. their registration was run. >> he says it goes beyond what the law allows. >> law enforcement has the ability to stop and ask me to look at my farm and ensure that it is unloaded. -- my firearm and ensure it is unloaded. >> they said police called them to let them know they would get patrons with pistols, and this family didn't mind. >> i am cool with it. it is an open carry law. we are for it. we are for protecting yourself. i don't think he needs a rifle on his shoulder, but it is not what we -- against what we believe in. >> some believe the ban needs to take affect on the first. and the group points out that even when the ban goes into
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affect, it doesn't include guns like rifles or shotguns. you may see those on people as you go about your daily business. as for the incident that happened last week with the concord police, i called police and they have yet to call me back. abc7 news. >> thank you. a petition to ease restrictions in california has been given the go ahead by the secretary of state. the measure would eliminate the good cause and the good moral character requirements for a license to carry concealed weapons. law enforcement officers would have to issue licenses to applicants with no history of mental illness, substance abuse or domestic violence. it needs more than half a million signatures to qualify for the 2012 ballot. a routine traffic stop turned into a shootout in the heart of san francisco. the driver of a car pulled over by police made a run near larkin, but he did not get far. >> the suspect turned on the officers, fired what we
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believed to be two shots. the officers returned fire. the suspect fell and struck by gunfire and was immediate lie transported to general hospital. >> police say the driver may be a wanted parolee. his wounds are life-threatening. police are searching for a female passenger in the car who slid behind the wheel and drove away during the shootout. angry parents are hoping to recall five oakland school board members who voted to close five elementary schools. tonight a group called the concerned parent presented the board with an intent to recall petition with hundreds of signatures. the five schools on the hit list arell marshall, santa fe and lakeview elementary to name a few. they believe it will impact black and latino students who attend the schools. they want those who made the decision to be held accountable. a little dog missing for two weeks after being thrown from a car in monterey is in imbued hands. prosy kiss appeared pr his home on cees 1st.
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-- december 1st. they saw someone fleeing the poodle from a car last week. he was found battered and bruised on the nearby coast pier. he is recovering from emergency surgery today at the santa cruz spca. officials are planning to shut down westbound traffic on president's day weekend if the weather cooperates. the closure would last two to three days so construction crews could reconfigure the roadway and taking traffic to a new westbound detour. the work requires dry pavement. 10* any rain could postpone or lengthen the closure. it is part of a complicated shove shuffle to allow it to open to traffic in 2013. coming up next, some presidential politics, and a new round of name calling in the race for the republican nomination. >> and better news about the foreclosure rate in this country. >> and the gift of
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transportation this holiday for five bay area cu
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some name calling among the presidential republican candidates on the evening of their last debate. mitt romney last night promised not to launch attacks that could later come back to haunt his republican rivals.
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but an interview today with the "new york times" he called newt gingrich zany. >> zany is great in a campaign and it is great on talk raid imroa -- radio and it is great in the print. it makes for fun reading. but in terms of the president, we need a leader. >> at the university of iowa gingrich was interrupted by occupy protesters for nearly 10 minutes. and a reference to their cause , gingrich called them 1% of the fewer american households were forced into foreclosure. the numbers were released two hours ago and show home repaw sessions hitting their lowest number. in all banks took back 56,000 homes across the country. that's down 17% from the month before. california still has the second highest foreclosure rate just behind nevada. in the east bay, data quick information service reports that although sales were down 2% from october,
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they are up from last year. the median price for november is $363,000. that's up .9% from the month before. in the east bay, the renewal of a tradition that has given away 37 cars in the past 11 years. it is a program that brightens the holidays and it really does change lives every year. as wayne freedman reports, this holiday season is no different. >> it is the nature of traditions that they become more important every passing year. that you -- that includes what happened in antioch. repairs were given to needy people at christmas. five cars this time around. >> i tell you it has grown tremendously. >> sal contreras coordinates the program through mike's auto body. it started with one car and one recipient. denise rios returned to talk about the difference it made for her. >> it was one of the happiest, most exciting days of my life. >> minor miracles considering
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what they have been through. >> each of the cars was totaled. at least on paper. but they were recoverable with a little elbow grease. >> lots of elbow grease with donated parts and donated labor. cameron lewis worked on the cobalt that went to miller this year. each team reads the letters and chooses the resipe -- the recipient. the sweetest story of the day may have been nancy whose husband, joshua, spent last year in afghanistan with a california national guard. >> it is on the last leg. >> reporter: not anymore. she received a ford focus. typically she showed the most emotion when santa claus appeared with toys for her kids. >> i always keep on doing the best thing i can do anpport eve. i wear my heart on my sleeve, and i am always there to help everybody else in need.
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>> somebody helped you. >> they sure did, very much so. >> and now when her husband returns home from the war in a few days, she will be picking him up in a new car. from antioch, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> lovely. this is the time of year when people think about giving and bay area food banks are grateful to receive. holiday dough -- dough -- donations help the hung -- hungry all year long. they raise two-thirds of the funds. a $10 donation to your local food bank can provide families with a holiday meal. and if you would like to help join us for abc7's share your holiday food drive. we will be raising money for food banks throughout the bay area. you can start giving right now. just text the word "feed" to 800-77. you will donate $10 by doing so or call 1-800-515-1919. >> let's turn our attention to
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the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is following that for us. >> the holidays are almost here in terms of christmas. if you celebrate it, it is starting to begin to look like wet weather is moving in. a beautiful sunset from santa rosa and it was gorgeous out there. high clouds moving in in advance of a weather system that is beginning to move in toward the bay area. you can see the colorful sunset from the high definition emeryville camera. the sun down at 4:51. we have more than clouds tonight. as you look at live doppler 7hd, you can see the rain is falling, crescent city, eureka. they picked up a third of an inch and ukiah has been reporting very light rain. you can see it here now coming in around cloverdale. this is the area where we are seeing light rainfall at this hour. it is working its way down toward the bay area. it will get here soon. don't be too alarmed by the yellows and oranges. most is not as heavy as it looks there. the temperatures that the hour are in the 40s and running
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anywhere from 2 to 9° warmer than where we were at this yest. time yesterday. clearing by the afternoon, and we are look at dry and mild weather through the weekend. i want to show you the overnight readings. it is not as cold. spare the air for one more hour, a half an hour longer. showers for the north bay as we head into the early morning hours. at best we will drop down to the upper 30s in the coldest inland valleys as you can see here. but most areas will be held up by the clouds in the 40se. range. here is a system that is approaching. th is what is bringing us some rain already in ukiah and getting to the rest of the bay area shortly. it is a weak front and it is not going toll see here you will see here in a moment. computer animation is showing clouds and a few showers as we head into the early morning hours. the north bay starts to get some rain at 5:00. tomorrow morning that commute will be slick. then around 7:00, 8:00 we will
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see more showers developing as a front comes through. very quickly by the time you are siting to eat lunch it will clear out and we are looking at mostly sunny skies for your thursday afternoon. rainfall totals are not exactly impressive. meager amounts expected, anywhere from nothing to $.05 of an -- to .05 of an inch. a few may escape, but remaining dry as we head into your thursday afternoon. it has been a dry season to date so far. look at these rainfall percentages of normal. 41 in san hoe sai. santa rosa, 44% of normal. just like sacramento. low to mid50s, san francisco, oakland, ukiah, 66% of normal and sacramento, 44% of normal. just because it has been a dryer than normal december, it does president -- it doesn't mean we are ready for a dryer than normal year. we are still expecting that. mostly sunny skies in the 50s. a crisp, cool day around the monterey bay. here is a look at your
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accu-weather seven-day forecast of the a few showers for that morning commute. grab the umbrella as you head out the door. give yourself some extra time. upper 50s to the low 60s and dry even through the middle of next week. beyond tomorrow, not a lot of rain coming in. >> niewrm. -- unusual. a test of honesty. >> find out what happened after this man lost his wallet with $1300 inside.
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well, you can now tap an app to pay for parking in san francisco. they can use it at specially marked meters. the system will send you a text message when the meter is about to expire. san francisco is the first city in the nation to implement this technology. >> pretty neat. the holiday spirit is alive and well in the south bay tonight. you will like this. a san jose man lost his wallet with $13 inside. it happened and he was riding his bike on tuesday night. a san jose state university student and unemployed mother of two returned his wallet with the $1300 inside late last night, every dollar where it should be.
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she said she would not even accept a reward. she just wanted to do the right thing. but he was able to slip $100 into her bag. nice story. >> love to hear that kind of story. >> larry beil would do that sort of thing. >> maybe. >> absolutely maybe. it is a character test. >> you would. >> speaking of found money, carolyn. one former warrior gets $28 million not to play. that's the kind of deal i want in on. and chris paul will be playing in l.a. after all, but not alongside co kobe. sports is next while i
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chris paul is going to los angeles, but not the lakers. his first game will be against the golden state warriors. it is the season opener on christmas night. the commissioner refused to allow the hornets to trade paul to the lakers. instead he goes to the clips. itul teaming up with blake
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griffin and he will be spectacular. particularly impossible to stop. the clipper maze be better than the lakers now. the cavaliers waived under the new amnesty rules. davis is released, but still gets paid the $28 million balance of his contract. the one-time warrior with the we believe team has a back injury. he may not be able to play for anybody. you know the warriors didn't acquire the game-changing and big name they were hoping for. they settled for former numb the former number one figure in the draft figures to come up off the bench. brown never quite lived up to the expectations or even came close. he will give golden state some size and he is happy to have the opportunity. >> i am just happy to be here. this team needs a center, but i am a different type of
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center. that's what i think they saw in me, and that's what i am here to do. >> and now to the little guy. two years ago randal was the pac-10 player of the year. today he signed with the mavericks. he played in turkey las turkey r scoring 17 games per game. the mavs are the defending nba champs. now to football and the raiders will get moore back for sunday's game. they need healthy options and weapons on offense. after being blown out the raiders need to win their final three games to make the playoffs. they will have to beat detroit, kc and san diego. carson palmer, three or four picks, that's not going to get it done. having moore back should help. >> you can't use it as an excuse. you can't say what if we had this guy or what if we had that guy. you play with who you have and you make the best of every situation and every play.
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the best thing is to get the second intent. >> he understands the whole dynamic of what we are dealing with, and i do too. this team does too. we are a football team. not just an individual. we know what needs to get done and we are out to get that done. >> the raiders will have to contend with him. the 49ers will host pittsburgh. that's your toyota sports report. >> raiders are up against the wall. >> they have to win. it has been up and down and up and down and so many guys hurt that they are having a hard time with consistency on offense. >> it will be nice for the 9ers to win this one. >> a playoff preview in a sense. there will be other tight defenses. >> thank you, larry. >> "nightline" is next. i'm an ashley. >> aisle carolyn john so. >> for larry beil, sandhya patel and everyone here, thanki
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envelopes floating around, all part of a holiday-it forward. not pay it forward, holiday it forward, charity project. here's how it all works. each envelope has a dollar in it. people that get them are asked to add a dollar and pass it on. when the envelope reaches someone in need, take all the money but one dollar. then they pass along the envelope again. the man who came up with the idea calls it a frank capra, "it's a wonderful life" story. >> a very cool idea. we all like the pay it forward concept here. >> just costs you $1. >> just keeps on going. whisper down the lane, when does it stop? which guy says there is $75? i'm good. >> if they need it. they need it. >> good holiday story. more "world news now" when we come back. ♪ somebody's hand make this world a better place if you can ♪ ♪ reach out and touch i come in peace...[ toilet ] i come in peace.


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